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Residential Cleaning

Making your residential cleaning Melbourne, look its best!!!

Residential cleaning goes by many names. It is referred to as house cleaning or even domestic cleaning. And if you seek a comprehensive round of residential cleaning anywhere in the Melbourne areas, just reach out to a reliable and experienced cleaning services company, BCG-The Budget Cleaning Group.

Now residential cleaning can be a regular, ongoing cleaning, or if the holiday season is fast approaching and you want to clean, spruce up and tidy up your place just in time for the holidays, or if it is a round of spring cleaning and you want a professional cleaner in Melbourne to take care of the house cleaning, then you just can think of us.

  • As part of the house cleaning, our cleaners will clean all the rooms in your house, the kitchen area, bathrooms, and the lounge areas.
  • Rubbish disposal, mopping of floors, wiping, dusting and carpet vacuuming too is covered under the residential cleaning in your Melbourne residence.

As part of the residential cleaning in Melbourne areas, we take care of rubbish disposal apart from wiping all furniture and fixtures, mopping floors, and vacuuming carpets. We can also clean windows at discounted prices once we commence with the house cleaning service.

Now, whatever be the type or form of cleaning, we have a holistic approach. And that is to offer high-quality service adhering to the prescribed standards, carried out in the safest manner possible and with the least disruption to the residents.

So, if you stay in Melbourne, if you want to try our residential cleaning, then just contact BCG- The Budget Cleaning Group.

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